Meeting & info: Unemployment and layoffs (in english)

Meeting & info about unemployment and layoffs for our foreign (non-finnish) members. You can attend if you are a member of Industrial Union and our local branch (Salon Teollisuustyöntekijät) and you are able to participate in english. Although you don't have to speak perfect english to attend :). 

The purpose of the meeting is to offer knowledge about unemployment and layoffs, networking with others, conversation about working in Finland & how the Union can help you. As a trainer and an expert we have Osmo Rantanen from Industrial Union.

Location: Helsingintie 16, Salo. The event is held at our (Industrial Union's Salo local branch, Salon Teollisuustyöntekijät (Teollisuus57)) office in the middle Salo. There is a big Teollisuus 57 -sign on the top of the office door. 

How to sign in: Send email to We ask you to tell your name, workplace and mother tongue. Please sign in soon but latest at 6th December.

More info: If you want to ask more about the event you can send email 

The event is free of charge and we offer a lunch and a coffee.